110th Anniversary Celebration scheduled

Birthdays. Wedding anniversaries. Work anniversaries. Each of these is a milestone that most of us experience at one time or another. Next year will be significant for First Baptist Church: We will celebrate our 110th anniversary!

We're excited to announce that the First Baptist Church's 110th Anniversary Celebration is happening on Sunday, October 20, 2024! Don't miss your chance to be part of this milestone in the life of our church! It will be an extra special day for all our members and friends, past and present. Be sure to add the event to your calendar today and prepare for a day of worship & celebration. Share the date with your family and friends, too. We want to see everyone here on that day.

As the plans progress, more information will be posted here and on all our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and website.

First Baptist Church was organized in 1914 when Mr. Samuel Large gave the ground for the church and cemetery on Middle Creek Road opposite the present country club and golf course. The building was soon built. Charter members included Householders, Robertsons, Lovedays, Marshalls, and Franklins. Soon, there were others. Mr. Perman Franklin was the first Sunday School Superintendent. S.C. Atchley was the first Pastor, and Hiram Franklin was the First Church Clerk and Treasurer. The dedication service was held in October 1914.

The congregation broke ground on the current sanctuary building on the Gatlinburg Highway (now Parkway) on April 5, 1959. Over 800 people could sit in the new sanctuary, and over 400 people could use the education building simultaneously. The church building was dedicated on April 3, 1960. A new educational building was built in 1975.

The old bell from the original site was bought by Mr. Wayne Ogle, a member of First Baptist Church when he purchased and dismantled the old structure. After many years, Mr. Ogle returned the bell to the church, where it was sanded and polished and set in the middle of a mini park in front of the church on the Parkway.

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